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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  June 7, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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scores of people rallied in support of an alternative budget proposal being pushed by council president jack young. >> we want to send a clear and distinctive message that we want our recreation centers. we want summer jobs for young people and we want fire companies here in baltimore because we know that those are all ingredients to make it safe it is to make safe, productive communities. >> city hall is grappling with the budget deficit and three fire companies are on the chopping block. >> this is a time for us to all come together. we have to think out of the box and put people first. recreation centers before race cars. >> the city council president was noticeably absent from the rally in his honor. he proposes cuts and transfers to the port city priorities. he would eliminate 57 vacant
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positions and six cuts from city agencies. he would reduce the executive protection budget by 10%. >> what people have said on the street crew cracks the council president wants to tap $6.5 billion from the employee health insurance reserve fund and use the camera revenue to keep three fire stations open. he disputes the mayor's contention that funds can only be used for traffic safety. but the city council can only cut from the mayor's plan. >> it is in everybody else's hands. >> the council president characterized the mayor's characterization of his budget proposal as insulting and a slap in the face of city residents. he is urging her to reconsider rejecting it. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> if you drive around baltimore and recently got a ticket from a speed cameras, today may be your lucky day, thanks to a computer error from one of those speed cameras. lowell melser joins us from city transportation headquarters with that story. >> i just found out i did not make that list, but there are thousands of drivers around area who did. city transportation officials tell me that something like this is very rare, and this particular case all came down to two numbers ever switched on thousands of tickets. that have become one of the most hated objects on the road these days for drivers, speed and red light cameras. in baltimore city, some lucky folks on the wheel caught a big break recently. >> people receive the citations will have their money refunded. >> this beach camera in the 54 under block of wabash avenue, an employee noticed the citation
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was producing stems from the 4500 block of wabash avenue, making them null and void. 1300 tickets were issued from december of last year through a core of this year. >> the people who got these tickets were going 12 miles or more over the speed limit. it is kind of a break for them when they get a letter in the mail saying they will get a refund. >> this is a copy of that letter and transportation officials say if you got a ticket, you should have or will receive one of these. officials also say this is, the first time there has been a mechanical error with the speed cameras. last year, this camera on hanover street issued more than 300 citations with the wrong speed on them. those tickets were refunded as well. right now there are 75 fixed and a mobile cameras around the city monitoring speed and red lights. 75% of their revenue the city needs with the other 25% from
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the vendor for the refunds. the same mistakes do happen and can be remedied. >> our margin of error is under 1%, which is a good margin of error. we are monitoring the program and do our best to correct errors when they do occur. >> we are told a refund should be issued within the next three weeks. if you would like any information on the tickets and the refund, call the city transportation department. lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> tonight the president of the university -- morgan state president assured the board of regents today that the safety of the morgan community is his highest priority.
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we learn that the victim had been staying with the kinyua family for about two months. kinyua admits to the crime. police have yet to release a possible motive. >> a convicted rapist is facing new allegations of sexual abuse. a woman comes forward claiming she was raped by john merzbacher in the 1970's. last night 200 people gathered to pray for his victims. he is scheduled for hearing next month challenging a sentence of four life terms. three students are charged with the car bombing of a home. police say the three may have been acting in retaliation over a money issue. in addition to attempted murder
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charges, they face more than two dozen other charges. >> an update on an investigation. maryland state police or ending a long-term relationship with red of firearms company in switching manufacturers. there have been a series of problems with the beretta that started back in 2010. jayne miller has the latest. >> service weapon state troopers kerrey is an important piece of equipment. the switch follows repeated attempts by state police to fix the problems. state police first notice the problem in training. they are using 40 caliber beretta since 2008. the trouble included the failure -- a problem call the bullets to unexpectedly fallout of the magazine. barrette insisted it was the training methods used that where the problem, not the weapons themselves.
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they police have made the decision to switch manufacturers. the transition to glock has begun and will last through the rest of the gear. the cost, $666,000. the berettas are being returned for credit but that may not be resold in maryland. brad had no comment on the decision from state police. -- borat i had no comment. >> another positive day for the doubt, and finished up 46 points. >> fed chairman ben bernanke gave his economic assessment to congress. nikole killion has tonight's project economy report. >> chairman bernanke would not rule out more fed action, which came as a disappointment to some lawmakers and investors. stocks soared again but soured on news from federal reserve
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chairman ben bernanke after a congressional panel asked him this. >> is the federal reserve planning to take any additional actions in the short term to spur economic growth caused or >> i cannot directly answer your question. >> he indicated the central bank is prepared to act if the economy takes a turn for the worse. >> if we determine that further action is potentially wanted, then obviously we have a number of different options . >> 6 -- it could include another round of stimulus. some lawmakers said the fed has already done enough. but i wish you would look the market in the eye and said the fed has done all it can for the past two months. >> bernanke's testimony comes on the heels of a weak may jobs report and financial turmoil in europe. >> the chairman also warned congress to do more to address the nation's debt problems. including blooming spending cuts and tax increases to avoid
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going off the so-called fiscal cliff berry >> if no action were taken in the fiscal cliff were to expand to its full size, it would be likely that the economy would begin to contract. >> bernanke told lawmakers that with -- the fed would keep interest rates near zero for the next two years and the board will a guy with the need for further action in its meeting later this month. >> no signs of economic problems last night. it was a huge night for the newly opened at maryland live casino. >> we will fill you in on economic education program. >> the orioles going for this week tonight at camden yards north. that is what they are calling it these days. >> a little warmer today in a few more thunderstorms on hd doppler. we'll see what is ahead for friday in the weekend with the forecast.
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76 at the airport, 81 downtown.
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>> it was an eye opening field trip for some baltimore middle schoolers today.
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the took part in the economics education program. it was a close look at handling money. students were assigned a real- life situation, everything from paying daily bills to investing for the future. >> learning at an early age that they have to understand the difference between wants and needs and have to live within their means. we had students that have done the simulation and have gone to their parents and said i cannot believe you spend 10% of your net monthly income on my cell phone. they are really starting to understand how their decisions at this age are affecting their parents, but in turn the understand how they have to make those decisions for themselves in the future. >> the students were all sixth graders from a middle school. >> less than 24 hours since the new maryland live casino opened,
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business is booming. 10,000 people have visited the facility, on top of the packed house they had last night. some people were upset that they were not able to play on opening night. as of midnight, thousands of people were still waiting to get inside. >> we never really turn anybody away. we had to shut it down at 2:00 a.m.. he did not get them last night, we encourage you to come back because we want you to be part of the excitement. >> while thousands did enjoy the casino, hundreds returned away and traffic was a nightmare. backups as far away as laurell on the bwi parkway. >> warmer weather is coming our way. it may start to feel too warm for some.
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ocean city, that you hear from the top of a hotel there. nice day down at the beach, not too crowded. check out the temperatures around the region on our radar which shows a little shower approaching ocean city. it may get a little stormy here as the showers move across the region. a lot of lightning strikes in howard county, a little weaker now is it heads toward ocean city. temperatures a little warmer today. on the coast is still only 70 downtown baltimore is 81 degrees. 75 in cambridge and westminster. hit and miss thunderstorms will drop the temperature and then it bounces back when the storm moves by.
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no measurable rain at the inner harbor. the futurecast shows the cloud cover in the area diminishing as we head to midnight and on rare. once the skies turn clear, overnight temperatures will be cool again, 50's in the outlying suburbs and 60 downtown. high pressure is beginning to gradually strengthen over the area. as the high strengthens over our region, less and less is happening. warmer weather in the middle of the country will be headed our way as well. 82-87 degrees with west winds of 6-12. lots of time to get out and enjoy the sunshine. the sun does not set until 8:32 in the evening. out on the bay, it should be a nice day on the chesapeake. if you are going up in the mountains on the weekend, it should be a good weekend. investors mostly.
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eastern shore, we will warm things up by saturday. near 90 on sunday and maybe a little more humid over the weekend. at the coast, including ocean city, the weekend features highs in the low 80's. the surf temperatures are still rather chilly, 65-69 degrees. you can see the warming trend, up to 89 by sunday. some areas could hit the 90 degree mark. it will feel like summertime over the weekend. tuesday evening a front arrives with some scattered showers and thunderstorms. it lingers into wednesday and thursday and slowly cooled things off a few degrees. >> this is 11 sports. >> it was only five days ago it
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was shaping up to be a disaster, but something funny happened, the orioles started playing well again. last night they won at fenway park in boston. only five hits last night, but that made them count. a soft line drive to right field, tying the game at one. the orioles had a 2-1 lead, and that is all they need. bottom of the night, johnson strikes out the pinch hitter to end the game, a bounce back save for johnson. the orioles went 2-1 at fenway park. that is a franchise record. they are going for their second sweep of the year at fenway park. brian on the mound tonight for baltimore. last saturday in st. petersburg
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, 5-2 in his last eight starts. going on simultaneously in boston tonight, the celtics and the heat. rya sharapova has won every single tennis' grand slam of one, the french open. she took a giant step toward capturing that title with the big semifinal victory today. sharapova when is the first set. the second set, sharapova leads by-3. down the middle to win the match in straight sets. she moved to the no. 1 ranking. the filing saturday morning and you can watch that right here on tv 11. >> the highly anticipated 144th
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running of the belmont stakes is now about 48 hours away. the sport of kings. another has made all the right moves. >> he settled right end like we thought he would. we had a really good day of training today. i thought he showed good energy and he cooled out really well. we are very happy with where we are, two days out. >> i have to admit i have a crush on i'll have another. i like him at the derby. >> apparently gerry sandusky does, too. >> he is setting all kinds of records. it is good to see our home town
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guy's winning. >> thanks very much. >> stay with us for a look at the seven-day forecast, right after this.
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>> city police said this man is responsible for robbing several pharmacies. chilling details from a parses who was targeted and the unusual words the group said as he leaves. >> chaos for the opening of maryland live. we'll have these stories and ♪
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>> some areas doubt little bit of sprinkles. >> an isolated thunderstorm for the next couple of areas and then a nice stretch of whether that times out perfectly for the weekend with the warming trend. almost 90 degrees and then the next round of storms or arrives late in the day tuesday. >> let's just make it a holiday weekend. >> thanks for joining us, everybody. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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